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Don't miss out on your branding event

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

Create a blog post subtitle that summarizes your post in a few short, punchy sentences and entices your audience to continue reading.

What makes a great party or event? The food, the laughs or is it the overall feeling at the end of the night?  Planning the stages of brand development should take the same amount of care as planning an event. The goal is to leave a good impression to the friends you’ve made and the people you don’t know yet.

Arriving at the event - Logo, Colour and Design

From packaging and brochures to adverts and websites, your logo will be used on many platforms. If your logo doesn’t have colour, it will be wise to choose colours that will keep your messaging consistent on your website. You want your potential customer to feel comfortable and give them what they need and expect from your service.  

Consistency enables the viewer to identify you at a glance. When you recognise a familiar face, you are already at ease in accepting any new information from that party, so it’s time to choose your ‘welcome to YOUR BRAND’ - the place where visitors are meant to be. 

Catering and Drinks - Keep your mission in mind 

What did you want to achieve? What is your product or service? and what USP do you plan to provide? When you have this thought at the front of your mind, you will deal with tasks with your mission statement as priority. 

Relax - Enjoying the event

Keep a consistent theme: medical clinics will have a clean and slick design, whereas kids party planning will be colourful and fun. Find a theme for your product/service and complete tasks according to the branding guidelines. Without talking to your potential customers, you’ve instantly made a connection as they’re already in the mindset searching for your particular service.  Don’t forget to add your own twist! 

The Band, Caterers and Bar Staff - All to work with your brand

You’ve already selected your helpers and trust they know the branding guidelines before they do any task. Success in this brand delivery will help any potential customer feel valued and comfortable throughout their stay.

Mingle - in other words, socialise on social media

Share posts, tag, hashtag and share your stories. You might only have a short time to make an impression but when they scroll past your future posts they will already have a sense of familiarity which will make your brand more approachable.

Parting Gift - Always leave contact details.

Make sure you always offer something for any potential customer to take away. 

This is easy enough on a brochure or advert but the pace in which people move through the internet is quicker than you expect, you need to consider the buyer’s journey. Make sure they can navigate to any of your social platforms via links on your website. Add CALL TO ACTION links on webpages, blog posts and adverts because if someone has been directed straight to a particular page and they haven’t seen the rest of the site yet, it’s important to let them know that they have an option to click and get in touch.

Catch up after the Event - Follow up emails

For any contacts you said you would get in touch with after the event, make sure you make the correspondence as personal as possible with the information requested. Include possible options and ‘what happens next’ information.

Every client will be different but they will basically go through the same process, MEETING YOU (Awareness), GETTING TO KNOW YOU (Consideration) and WOULD LIKE TO SEE AGAIN? (Decision).



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