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Welcome to my space that holds quirky and alternative prints and gifts for unordinary friends and family. I enjoy making the art and like to make them available so they can be bought and enjoyed by others on Redbubble UK, Amazon and Etsy UK (Etsy only for original art and prints).

If you like one of the prints - well... share along so that your loved ones have an easy gift choice for you!!


ETSY (UK only)

Original Prints and Artwork Posters with a few random bits every now and then...



Some designs also available on T-Shirts, Cushions, Phone/Tablet Cases, Dresses, Scarves & more...



Variety of T-Shirts and Hoodie styles to choose from. Pop-Sockets one size fits all.


Meditation aid to bring you back to centre

Visualisation meditation is a type of meditation that involves engaging with imagery in order to achieve a state of mindfulness and relaxation. 

Having a visual representation of a subject, a poster can help bring yourself back into the present moment (away from thoughts) by visualising movement within these images when the mind starts to wonder...

A poster could also make the task of meditation more approachable, a reminder of self-care when we have a tendency to drive on through busy and emotional experiences.

If you or a friend or family member are committed to a meditative practice this image focus gift may be the perfect tool. Click here for the Etsy listing to choose your poster... 


Designs available on other items: Visit the REDBUBBLE SHOP

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