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10 Macro Photography ideas to start now..!

Updated: Apr 16, 2022

Macro Images that mean business.

I want to talk about macro imaging. The zoomed-in images that accompany our adverts, e-book dividers and videos. Whatever platform you use to advertise or showcase your brand, you will find these images aid your brand / graphic / information's voice.

Full of abstract shapes, colours and compositions, macro photography and graphics can provide a solution from building a story or to simply spark intrigue. These filler images provide a background to some important text and information - they are plainly a comfortable companion to your story.

…they can set the stage …they can create a puzzle …they can invite interest …they can offset confusion …they can transition a video

Whatever the purpose, consider having a bank of these kind of images so that you can alternate using them on different marketing campaigns. 

With Abstract Macro Photography you will need to consider the rule of thirds, curves and directions in the image to guide the viewers eye around as sometimes there's no obvious focal point. You will need a macro lens and tripod for your camera. Set your aperture to f/8 and use manual focus to ensure you can get different features in focus and shoot from different angles for a diverse set of images. 

The beauty about Macro Photography is that it focuses attention to a single subject but is abstract enough to not over-infuse your message.


Gemstones have the patterns ready made for you. A variety of colours and shapes, gemstones will spoil you for layout choices!


If done right, shooting macro on these type of objects will make abstract high res photos which make the best stock photos for marketing or website campaigns.


Very calming and therapeutic activity. Paint mixing macro shots also make good artist stock photos, swirls of colours and unexpected patterns!


So Shiny! Beauty is already in the subject, so find the beauty with the negative spaces and unusual macro photography ideas that develop.


Brilliant for stock photos and macro images for business. This type of close up photography can be as textured or plain as you like. It is a subtle graphic for business websites or adverts. This is also a great way to practice composition styles and positions.


Toasters, cutlery, anything shiny that can distort an image makes interesting high resolution photos.


Raindrops on roses, leaves and other natural objects. Raindrops that form patterns or enhance the subject or raindrops that reflect another image within it.


This just needs to be done, a simple photo but very calming. Easy patterns and a good opportunity to practice and experiment with Depth of Field (DOF).


Observe the patterns and look for imperfections, composition will come into play. If they are not very striking as stand alone photos then they will be perfect to add texture and layers to other graphic stock on other projects.


You will have the most fun with this one!! Create scenes, find different materials, build a story, smile to yourself - you may not have much scope for this kind of work to be sold but it’s a great way to brighten up a webpage or article.

OTHER MACRO IDEAS to consider:



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