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Anxiety vs Productivity

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

They say anxiety is a waste of the imagination. How True.

In my youth, art was my therapy and I started really young expressing my emotions this way not only through subject matter but mainly through style and technique. Without me knowing it was happening. 

An ink print of mine was bought when I was 12 I think?! and it was for R25 and I didn't think much of it to be honest, it was a scribble of a face, but it was chosen to be shown at the exhibition and it was bought by a viewer.

I've only recently found my way back to my roots and I'm so happy to call myself a creative. Again. As my career journey took me to book keeping roles, which I enjoyed, but I wasn't getting 'the fix' , the ability to dull the enthusiastic thoughts that take over EVERYTHING I do. With that anxiety built up I now have to use anxiety as a driving force instead of an inhibitor. Anxiety will be a common trait among creatives - that self criticism and inability to be happy which leads to self doubt.  We're our own critics, we don't have someone to stay 'stop", "that's good", I only hear possible improvements and or "you could have done that better". 

We put all our efforts into art, we CANNOT have it any other way. You don't try to play an instrument terribly or want to fail a magic trick (unless you are Tommy Cooper!). You ask a creative for a piece of work and you will get a piece of their soul. We must try to not sell ourselves short. We love what we do, yes but it shouldn't be invalidated.

It's finding the balance of anxiety + productivity and add it all to the creative mix!!!



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