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Reside* Map - Artists in Residency

Reside* is an artists' residency for our creative community during 2023, St Helens being the Borough of Culture.

Artists would meet each month for support with talks, resources, activities and arrange time to make art. We started the year with a pop up exhibition in the Godfrey Pilkington Art Gallery in the World of Glass where artists displayed their work for one day only, pinned and connected to a Map of St Helens. Also open to the public, it was a day of admiration, positivity and celebration of our fellow creatives.

Finding a group of like minded people has been a wonderful support network when I’m sharing my own ideas and listening to the ideas of others.

At the end of 2023, we celebrated the work produced throughout the year by holding the Reside* Exhibition at St Mary's Market for a month with a selection of art, photography, audio, video, performance pieces, writing, sculpture and other representations of creative projects.

As part of the Exhibition, we wanted to record the artists in a publication for the visitors to take home and decided on a big fold out map with a short written paragraph about each of the artists and their contact/handles.

I was asked to digitally put the map together, spec ready for the printers. The brief described the map to be the old style fold out kind where you read a little and then open the map and try make sense of the key and directions! Then trying to fold the map back up the right way is a whole other adventure...! The idea formulated by the Lead Artist in the Artist Together Group, Claire Weetman and the illustrations done by Cady Davies. You can read more and download a digital copy of the map here.

What was in the map:

  • Reside* Introduction

  • Artist Together Information

  • Recorded year of activities

  • Instructions and purpose of the map

  • Organisations within the community

  • Artist commissions and their stories

  • Artist projects throughout the year

  • How we make work

  • What is next

If you are a creative living or working in St Helens and would like to join an artist group, we are here.

Follow St Helens Borough Council Library Service - book future Artist Together sessions.



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