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Moment of clarity

Updated: Mar 19, 2023

Acrylic Paint on Canvas, October 2022

This painting is of a marionette - she has no control, someone else is pulling the strings and telling her what to do, who to be, how to think and the "Moment of Clarity" symbolises the moment a soul realises the strings that entangled you can be cut and you can take back your freedom.

Sometimes you know what you want to say (the message) but you kind of want to hide it in a subject that can be interpreted many different ways (depending on the viewer) so that you don't have to own up to a feeling. This artwork started over 4 years ago (!!) and now finally I'm able to tell this puppet's story by completing the painting for the purpose of entering it into the Open Art Competition / Exhibition at the World of Glass 2022.

One of the benefits of painting with a hidden message is that it can be a form of cathartic release. When we are struggling with difficult emotions, it can be hard to find the words to express how we are feeling. By painting our thoughts and feelings onto a canvas, we can let go of the emotions that are weighing us down and find a sense of peace and clarity.

I've always had a fascination with famous paintings with hidden meanings such as Dali's work where many of his fears were represented but not every viewer would realise this was the case.

With this piece, I've received a few different interpretations by others which reveals how imagery can speak different languages from the same artwork, ...

  • It could symbolize the marionette's desire for freedom or independence.

  • The act of cutting the strings could also be seen as a metaphor for breaking free from external control or internal constraints.

  • It could represent the struggle for autonomy and the desire to assert one's own agency. The marionette may be tired of being controlled by external forces and is taking action to break free and chart its own course.

  • Alternatively, the painting could be seen as a commentary on the role of society in shaping and constraining individual identity and behaviour. The strings could symbolise the various expectations, norms, and roles that society imposes on us, and the marionette's act of cutting the strings could represent the rejection of these constraints and the desire to forge one's own path.

...from Medieval times to Conspiracy theories, this marionette tells many stories and I hope it may have a deep connection and healing quality to some folk.

It's good to be subjective...

... it can allow you to be open minded and empathetic towards your thoughts.

Ultimately, the hidden or different meanings of a painting is one of the things that makes art so fascinating and enduring - it has the ability to evoke a wide range of emotions and ideas in different people, and can continue to be interpreted and reinterpreted over time.

Final thought... the string hasn't been cut yet....?? will it ever (?) should it (?)

... I'm still yet to tell.


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