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Feather Friend needs a Puppet

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

This project was a visit to a past memory... 

I was walking through Hobbycraft, when I saw rolls of this wonderfully soft feathery blue string which reminded me of a puppet that was available when we were young - I don't think I had one but I remember they were expensive and really cool!! I was too tempted and with the logic of being in Hobby Craft already, I bought some supplies and started to plan how I was going to make my blue ostrich puppet.

The blue feathery strands were wrapped around polystyrene balls and connected with the same to make the body and head.  With some hardening clay, I made a beak and two feet which hardened in the oven. I attached those with wire and finished off with some goobley eyes and attached strings to the head, tail and both legs. I then attached these to a cross of thin wood strips and all that was left was to walk our new ostrich friend around the living room. The hoover was filled with little blue feathers but it was a very enjoyable personal project.

I am yet to video this character having a walk in the park and we don't have a name for him/her yet but look out for the video which will be posted when available - waiting for a day with no wind is proving near impossible!

Any name suggestions? 


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