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Welcome to KHitchcock, my portfolio website...
I'm Karen and I am an artist and graphic designer based in St Helens.  I have a passion for creating visually stunning and meaningful designs that capture the attention and imagination of my audience. With a strong foundation in traditional art techniques and a keen eye for detail, I bring a unique and creative approach to every project I take on.  Currently, I work in Marketing, for a medical device distribution company arranging graphics for their promotional materials and educational events. I do take on commission work and smaller client projects to design custom-made graphics, type and illustrations so that nothing feels machine generated...! 

A professional portfolio is available upon request but please feel free to browse my portfolio page for examples of personal work and style in: 


I guess the idea of a portfolio website is to get to know the person you will trust with your vision...  I hope you find that.  Here are just a few ventures I've been involved with. If you like my style of work, get in touch and tell me your story :)
Imagination catcher


Digital Artwork "Beyond Thin" chosen for display at the World of Glass St Helens Art Exhibition 2019. (NFS)

Inspired by "How following the Weight Watchers Diet turned me into a Ring Wraith" Short Story by David Elliott

World of Glass 2019 Art Exhibition
Icons and vectors

CREATIVE THINKING: A new way of looking at a problem or to find an unusual solution.


The first step to a visual first impression!


Let's make it happen!


What else do you need?

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