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The process of more than one organisation working together to complete a task or achieve a goal.

These talented people can be contacted directly if you have a specific project in mind (best suited) or we can put our heads together for creative mayhem - the good kind!


Emma Coates is a Cheshire based photographer who specialises in portraiture and wedding photography. She is location based across the Wirral, Wrexham, Flintshire and North Cheshire and will travel to create memories with you.

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DAVID ELLIOTT @DavidEllioops
Writer - Speech Writer - Music Teacher

David Elliott is a comedy/humour writer with over fifteen years’ experience of writing for page, stage, and broadcast, including comedy sketches and one-liners for BBC Radio 4, material for several comedy podcasts, and topical comedy prep for many different radio presenters and comedians. His conceptual humour articles are regularly published by a variety of satirical magazines in the USA (such as Weekly Humorist and Points in Case) and his comic short fiction has appeared in many magazines and anthologies over the last decade, both in the UK and US.

As a speechwriter, he’s written for everyone from Best Men, to CEOs, to high profile TV celebrities, creating funny, engaging material for performers and non-performers alike. He also teaches comedy structures at the Improv into Sketch Comedy Course in Liverpool.


Here is a selection of his published online stories:


If you're reading this, it's because I've been murdered by Jessica Fletcher

As I write these words, my hands trembling at the thought of what might come to pass...


Your daily 20-minute workout to prevent demonic possession.

As a personal trainer, I'm often asked the same three questions: ...


I'm a real Nigerian Prince and you can shove your bank account details up your ass.

I also have no intention of depositing any money in your account whatsoever. I mean, ...


How following the weight watchers diet turned me into a ring wraith

I thought that joining Weight Watchers would be the most sensible way of going about this...


My Surreal Childhood Bullies

I've lost count of the amount of times this would happen, but it was like a ritual...


The UK's secret plans for a No-Deal Brexit

If house prices/rent prices become completely unaffordable, citizens will be...


Incredibly rude responses to perfectly reasonable job applications.

Unfortunately, your lack of qualifications, experience, basic grammar, people skills, table manners and understanding of...


Camp Crystal Lake: a Trip Advisor Review

The amenities, the cleanliness, the customer service, everything leaves a lot to be desires, and I ...


How to play the guitar for morons

What you need is an extraordinarily talented, incredibly patient teacher, who should really have been recognized as a genius and a saint...


PHOTOGRAPHY: Modelling shoots, portraits, connect via @chadanthonyphoto

WEDDING MUSIC: Band Kikosi, based in Liverpool :